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Employees are Boson's most valuable resource and a fundamental guarantee of achieving the company's goals. Therefore, the management of the company is convinced that employees should be provided with a good organizational structure and working environment. That is:

Respect employee's personal dignity and value

Encourage employees to perform at the highest level in an environment of motivation, fair competition, and cooperation. Employees'personal rights and interests should be respected, and supervisors and managers should communicate with their subordinates in a timely and frank way. And responsible for their performance and development.

Encourage creativity and initiative of employees

The company should provide a working environment that is both oriented and creative. A spirit of adventure and innovation is essential to the growth of a company and should be encouraged and supported with honesty and mutual respect

To stimulate the personal potential of employees

Through appropriate work arrangements and clear development direction, the potential of employees can be highly developed in cooperation with their supervisors, managers and the company

Provide equal opportunity

Those who perform well deserve a fair return from the company. Employee performance should be evaluated with attitude and established standards, and appropriate praise, recognition and reward should be given.


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